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Snag-App© is a simple to use punch/snag list creator that allows for:
· Mark the location of inspection items on a plan, an aerial photo, a picture of your recently installed kitchen or the damage caused in a car accident. The applications are only limited by your imagination and its really easy to use (
· Mark up photos with arrows, clouds, boxes or text.
· Allocate responsibilities to those parties responsible for an item's resolution or simply allocate items according to role - i.e. Plumber, electrician, tenant, claimant, etc. (you can create new roles on the fly.
· Import responsible parties directly from your address book or create them yourself in the app.
· Set up simple templates.
· Include signatures.
· Insert your company Logo
· Generate a professional PDF Punch list / Snag document in seconds.
· Distributed directly from your device immediately after having completed your inspection.

Ergonomically designed, beautiful to look at, intuitive and easy to operate. Generates professional punch/snag lists effortlessly without having to wrestle with photos and spreadsheets.

Used by but not limited to:
o Architects
o Engineers
o The building industry
o Asset managers
o Building managers
o Car rental companies
o City councils
o Crime scene investigators
o Estate managers
o Health inspectors
o Home owners
o Insurance assessors
o Insurance claimants
o Interior designers
o Kitchen and built-in cupboard contractors
o Landlords
o Property developers
o Real estate agents
o Rental agents
o Safety inspectors
o Surveyors (aerial as well)
o Tenants

We hope that you enjoy our app, for more information go to

The free version of this app provides for 2 projects with a limited number of snags per project. The Snag-App can be purchased for unlimited projects and snags.

For information on our privacy policy and terms of use visit:

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