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Sniper Kill-er: Contract Shooter

发行商: i6 media limited
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Sniper Shooter 3D: Free Game is the latest realistic sniper elite shooter. You are the elite snipe and you have been giving the objective of taking out one of America's most wanted enemies. Infiltrate the enemy compound based on the small island town that has been taken over with war and corruption.

Make your through each level by taking out the army soldiers in the area, watch as the bullets fly towards your enemy and see the skill shot you've pulled off. Use your M24 SWS MK.2 sniper rifle to shoot all the enemy soldiers to advance on the corrupt General. Take position in secret sniper nests on top of buildings to get the perfect shot.

Plan your strategy, line up the shot, and take down all the enemies before the timer runs out. If you don't get all the enemy soldiers quick enough, they will find your sniper position and take fire so watch for all the soldiers. With each level comes more enemy soldiers and they become smarter as they will be looking out for snipers. Become a professional tactical operative and use your sniper skills to take down the the most wanted General in Sniper Shooter 3D: Free Game


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