Snow Leopard Survival Attack - Wild Siberian Beast Hunting Attack Simulation 2016

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Experience the life of a snow leopard. Explore vast terrain of mountain ranges with ferocious wild animals and huge carnivores like Bear, deer, zebra and lion. The wilderness is filled with fierce predators of all shapes and sizes. An ultimate game for simulator games animal lovers!
Quench your thirst and hunger while maintaining your health and energy if you want to survive in the hostile mountains of Himalayas. Chase the wild snow animals in this frozen environment, pounce on your prey, hunt them down, attack them with your razor sharp claws, devour them with a powerful bite and fight them till their last breath. Each mission has a more challenging way of experiencing the dangerous snow leopard behavior. Defeat the wild predators; huge and small critters. Avoid attack damage and be careful about the leopard’s health. Enjoy level up, as you keep unlocking new missions and gain power up stealth mode. In this animal simulator game, being a snow leopard you are free to roam around the massive open-world environment in frozen mountains. Navigate your animal freely. Get to know the survival in the enemy wildlife rescue mission. Learn more about snow leopard life in Himalaya Mountains and how they attack for food. This is such a handy survival island guide for wildlife lovers. With realistic weather animations, clouds, storms, downpour of rain, fog, snow, thunder and lightening flashes; you would love to play Life of Wild Snow Leopard 3D.

Enter into the wilderness and live the life of a Snow Leopard! Explore a vast mountain range filled with ferocious panther exotic animals of all shapes and sizes. Raise your family, complete all-new missions, and battle for your life against fierce predators like snowy bear, deer and fox. Experience the thrill while playing Life of Wild Snow Leopard 3D real animal simulation game. Leopard simulator attack and rules the large 3D arctic forest area and hunt animals as prey. Bite tasty animal’s critters in the ultimate survival leopard simulator game. A jungle snow leopard is walking through snowy frozen jungle to attack as an animal hunter and fierce predators with razor sharp teeth and super strong bite. Deer, bear and fox got no change to escape from its superb speed deadly attack. Hunt ferocious 3D arctic animals like polar bear, fox pack, deer too in wilderness. All wildlife animals are scared from the razor sharp teeth, strong claw and speed attack of this carnivore beast snow terrain king.

Snow Leopard Survival Attack 3D features:

√ Realistic simulator environment
√ Epic battles of survival and kill
√ Challenging missions and level ups
√ Dynamic weather conditions
√ Huge 3D terrain simulation
√ Unique wild species like bear, deer, zebra, fox & hippo

Chase, kill and survive! Pounce on your prey at lightening speed like a cheetah. Enjoy more of our animal simulators with realistic environments and attack animations.

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