Snowball Fight: Winter Game

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What's more fun than a snowball fight? Let's play the most exciting winter game!

This cute and very fun game will let you fight a real snowball battle even if there is no snow outside.

Be watchful all the time – your opponents throw snowballs very accurately and attack at the most unexpected moment. Your task to hold out as long as possible and earn the highest score.

To throw a snowball just tap on your goal. To dodge the flying snowball, slightly tilt the phone or tablet.

Children will hide from you in a variety of places: behind the snow barricades, on the roof of a house, behind the snow fort walls and even inside the double-decker bus. Fight this snow battle, show your skills. Stop your opponents before they bury you in snow!

Fun and cheerful music makes the game even more interesting and turns the snowball fight into a exciting action.

This game is suitable for both kids and adults of all ages.

Earn your score and compare it to your friends.

Put on your mittens, go out and join the most cheerful war! Have a lot of fun!

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