Soccer Sport Board

发行商: PadWorks
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This is the most efficient strategy board available for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The Soccer Sport Board allows you to draw live strategic diagrams on multiple field views independently.
It is the perfect tool for:
•Coaches: To give strategic instructions to your players anytime, anywhere
•Players: When discussing strategy with teammates
•Referees: When training rookies and illustrates the different and complexe moves a referee must make in different gameplay situations
•All Soccer fans: Those wants to illustrate his views between friends while discussing the latest plays of your favorite teams

The application offers the following features:
•Multiple different independent field views
•Goaler's front view with net
•Draw persons using circles, crosses or squares
•Draw the soccer ball on your diagram
•Draw lines on your diagram to express movements
•Unlimited undo for your annotations, to eliminate mistakes
•Choice of 3 colors for annotations: red, blue and black
•Work in both Portrait and Landscape mode
•Export your plans with the App Sharing feature
•Available in English and French

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