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人格障碍 - 心理测试

发行商: Marko Petkovic
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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How often do you feel like you can’t stop hurting the people you love? Do you say or do something that hurts them? Do you feel guilt and remorse afterwards? Have you ever wondered if it has to be that way? Take a Personality Disorder Test a self-assessment psychological test that will show you if you are manifesting antisocial behavior.

If you are experiencing many interpersonal problems or manifesting antisocial behavior - you should undertake psychological assessment and see if you have some of the personality disorder symptoms that can have the adverse effect on your life. Take a Personality Disorder Test and find out right now!

Psychological assessment can be very beneficial if you want to work on interpersonal problems or your self-awareness. Personality Disorder Test is one of the personality tests that deals with symptoms that can cause problems in personal relationships, work, with friends and family. Personality Disorder Test can be the first step towards self-awareness and the better life.


▶ Personality Disorder Test provides useful indication of your wellbeing
▶ This psychological test is a self-assessment tool
▶ Online test always available to you
▶ Helps you identify personality traits and characteristics
▶ Helps you figure out the next best step for you
▶ Personality Disorder Test is confidential & anonymous

Psychology apps give you an opportunity to discover more about yourself and others. Psychological test and other personality tests evaluate your answers and give you psychological assessment that can be very useful for many personal insights. Psychological test is a self - assessment tool that can help you learn how certain personality traits and characteristics can affect your everyday life. Psychology apps can help you improve self - awareness and interpersonal relationships. Take a test and use these personality tests to start looking at things from a different perspective.


The screening tests and other psychological self-tests provided on “BalkanboyMedia” are intended to be used within the context of evaluation and education.

These tests are not intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, assessment, diagnosis, or treatment.

The author, provider, and publisher of this test disclaims liability, loss, or risk incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from the use and application of any of this material.

Results of the test will not be used for any other purpose than for your own personal use.

BalkanboyMedia attaches great importance to protecting our users’ privacy and data. BalkanboyMedia records absolutely no data and test results from our visitors. BalkanboyMedia does not collect any test results which we could distribute. BalkanboyMedia does not transmit any personal information and test results to the third party. BalkanboyMedia protects your privacy by means of our policy not to collect any data.

This application is an intellectual property of BalkanboyMedia – copyright 2016.


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