Sound Multimeter

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Sound Multimeter takes the look and feel of our popular Network Multimeter app and applies it to audio measurement.

This app is as easy to use as it is powerful. One glance can tell you if the sound around you is loud or soft, and with a tap you can switch to a frequency analysis to determine if the noise is coming from a high-pitched whistle or a low frequency hum.

A slide-out graph can show the recent history of the sound level measurements in decibels or display the spectrum of the incoming sound with a smooth curve clearly defined over top and the peak frequency highlighted.

In addition this app can plot the level and frequency information as place marks on a map and store them for future reference. Great for real estate agents, architects, city planners, or anyone who would just like to know the quietest path to walk the map clearly color codes the measurement points in accordance to their sound level and provides a quick link to share that information.

Sound Multimeter was designed for the iPhone and iOS 11+.

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