Words of World

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Look for hidden words using the letters provided in circle. Hidden words can be found when the letters are interconnected. In such way, go through the stages, and as the stages increase, the difficulty of the game increases.
If you have trouble finding words, you can use your coins to open letter boxes. You can watch a video clip or buy it from the market. Also enjoy a quiet and soothing view during the game.

Game content:

- The game includes puzzles in Turkish, Uzbek, English and Russian.
- It is easy at the beginning of the game and gradually gets difficult.
- At the beginning of the game you will be given 100 coins.
- You can watch a video clip or buy a coin from the market.
- This game is intended for all ages.
- During the game you will be able to see the nature and increase your mood.
- This game is also useful for lexical knowledge and memory.

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