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Speak Bot

发行商: Core Engine Apps
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy!

Have hours of fun with the first and only configurable talking bot on the iPhone! This app speaks whatever you type. Make the voice high or low pitch, fast or slow, expressive or monotonous. Save your babbles and amuse your friends with funny conversations involving different hilarious voices! We included a sample conversation to illustrate how this can be done; tap on each entry successively to enact a virtual conversation!

Here's how to quickly set up a two-way conversation.

1) Set voice settings to Person A.
2) Type and add each line that Person A would say.
3) Set voice settings to Person B.
4) Type and add each line that Person B says.
5) Switch to Babbles and tap the Edit button (pencil icon).
5) Reorder the entries correctly (3 rows icon).

- High quality voice synthesis
- Adjust voice characteristics with sliders: pitch, speed and variance
- Beautiful and intuitive interface resembling a robot face, with high resolution RETINA display support
- Speaker animation when voice speaks
- Clear text with the tap of a button
- Save text and voice settings in multiple babbles
- Tap an entry in chatter list to load voice settings and speak it immediately
- Delete and reorder chatter entries
- Email spoken text as .wav files, plays straight from Mail app
- Switch between keyboard and Babbles
- App remembers your voice settings

More voices coming soon!


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