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别出白线 专业版 ( 虐心单机游戏合集 )

发行商: guangyao ning
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Stay In The White Line is a fast paced endless runner.
It’s never been so easy to play, you just have to control ball on the screen and try to stay in the white line as long as possible…

◈ 45 Awesome Game Modes ◈
【Follow Mode】: Fingers hold the ball and let it follow your finger movement.
【Gravity Mode】: Using the accelerometer, shaking mobile phone, control ball movement.
【Panel Mode】: Move finger on a fixed control panel, control ball movement.
【Joystick Mode】: Using the joystick control ball movement.
【Dualline Mode】:Hold the two ball at the same time, let them follow your finger movement.
【Avoid mode】:Fingers hold the ball in the white line,and avoid the circles.
【Zigzag Mode】: Tap to switch the ball direction,don't hit the barrier.
【Dash Mode】: Touch screen to speed up the ball,avoid the barrier.
【Dodge Mode】: Tap to move barrier,don‘t stop the balls.
【Split Mode】: Tap to split the two balls,avoid the barrier.
【Climb Mode】: Tap screen to fly the ball from side to side.
【2Cars Mode】: Control 2 cars at the same time.Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.
【Rush Mode】: Press and hold the left or right screen to move the ball.
【Jump Mode】: Left tap to jump or swap and right tap to jump or swap.
【Smash Mode】: Smash oncoming brick.
【Catch Mode】: Tap to spin and catch the same color ball.
【2Blocks Mode】: Control 2 blocks at the same time, don't hit the spike.
【Up Mode】: Tap to short jump,Hold to jump higher.
【Leap Mode】: Tap screen to leap the ball.
【Radical Mode】: Tap and hold the left or right screen to move the ball.
【Match Mode】: Tap to move bottom shape,Match the correct shape.
【Spring Mode】: Tap to jump,Let block through the gap.
【Wheel Mode】: Match the arrow,With the correct color.
【Run Mode】: Tap to change direction,Avoid drop arrow.
【Planes Mode】: Fingers hold the ball and fired bullets, shoot down planes.
【Brain Mode】: Hold to circle shape and release to square shape,match rotate the same shape.
【Level Mode】: Well-designed levels, waiting for you to challenge.
【Floors Mode】: Control box jump, avoid obstacles; short tap the screen to jump, press the screen to jump farther.
【Zaga Mode】: Tap the screen to control two small balls cross forward, do not touch any obstacles.
【Discolor Mode】: Slide the screen to move the big ball, catch the different colored balls, dodging balls of the same color.
【Tunnel Mode】: Hold the screen to jump to the top, the bottom fell let go.
【Twist Mode】: Drag exchange bottom shape, matching the falling shapes.
【Wall Mode】: Tap the screen to jump back and forth around the walls.
【Fly Mode】: Tap to jump from circle to circle to go up.
【Shoot Mode】: Tap left or right screen to shoot red or black bullet,Shoot down planes of the same color.
【Fall Mode】: Using the accelerometer,tilt to move the ball,fall down the bottom screen.
【 Fidget Spinner Mode 】: Swipe to fidget spinner.
【 Beat Mode 】: Beat the spinner,Don't drop it.
【 Balls vs Blocks Mode 】: Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.
【 Join Mode 】:Join the dots. don't touch the squares.
【 Hop Mode 】: Tap left or right screen to fast jump.
【 Flappy Mode 】: Tap the screen. Control the ball flap.
【 Bounce Mode 】: Tap the screen. Control the ball round bouncy.
【 Piano Tile Mode 】: Don't tap the white tile.
【 Snake vs Brick Mode 】: Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.

- Colorful Theme Style.
- No Ads,No IAP,Unlock all mode and unlock all theme style.
- The path is automatically generated, each time you play it's different.
- Compare your score with friend on the game center leaderboard.
- Share you score to Facebook.

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