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Stick Fight - Stickman Battle

发行商: Viet Nam iKame Joint Stock Company
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Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game is a Multiplayer, Physics-based, and Fighting game developed. It is one of the most interesting stick fighting game, offering new gameplay with exciting mechanics.

Stick Fighting:

- Multiplayer arcade mod fighting other players
- Stickman warriors join endless survival arcade mode
- Addictive, fast paced, action packed, arcade stick fight gameplay
- Stickman fighting is based on fast reflexes
- Survival mode adapts to your fighting skill level for better action experience

Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game is an addictive stickman fighting game where the player can battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of stickman. Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game allows the player to fight against his friends or find random sticks from across the world. It has thousands levels, and each level of the game offers a different environment than the last one.

Stickman warriors fight:

- Various stickman hero items to customize your character
- Different weapon types and full skill weapons
- Weapons, bracelets and hats can be upgraded
- Stickman game open packs for stones and visual items
- Items grant in stick fighting game you different stats

The stick fight game also offers core features such as lots of weapons, enjoyable physics-based combat and play against his friends, etc. Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game provides a unique game setting with beautiful visuals and simple controls.

Fight Battle:

- Daily stick fight leaderboard reset each day
- Weekly leaderboard reset each week
- Daily rewards for stickman warriors leaderboard standing
- Strict anti-cheat algorithms to prevent unjust scores
- Weekly rewards for your ranking in duel arcade mod

This stickman fight game is an addictive stickman game that enables me to remain engaged in stick fighting against various monsters by utilizing multiple types of equipment. It permits me to become a part of deadly combat as the iconic stick figures and attempt to get success. Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game lets me initiate a stick battle fight against my fellows and friends and search out some random sticks from all around the environment.

Stick Fight - Stickman Battle Fighting Game is a stickman game about dying every few seconds under increasingly ridiculous circumstances: toppling pillars made of boxes, conveyor belts with lasers, cannons full of snakes. The level changes after each round. It requires basically no gaming skill because it’s not a fair game. It’s got stupid physics. Random stuff happens constantly. Everybody has loved it.


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