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Strike Terrorist CS

发行商: duong duc
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Strike Terrorist 3D
AD 2050, the terrorist organization Terrorist.X raging global, killings, kidnappings, bomb attacks,no one can stop them.Whom the world jittery moments, in order to defend justice, fighting against evil, you are organized as a special forces delegated for the elite team to stop Terrorist.X continued violence.
During the execution of tasks you need to bold but cautious, careful, race against time, to fight a duel with the terrorists , rational use of sophisticated weaponry will help you to give them a fatal blow.Of course, the more enemy killed as soon as you can, the more reward items you will get, so that you can purchase more advanced arms and ammunition.Pick up your weapon with no hesitation,please show no mercy.
1.Wonderful and diverse game modes. Each pattern brings you into a sense of cool realistic game.
...>In competitive mode, your task is to ferret out terrorists and every hurdle to destroy them all, headshot, whack, do what you can to kill them.
...>In the hostage mode, you must find the kidnapped hostages as soon as possible, and brought them to the designated safe place, take care, the terrorists will attack you on the way.

2.A variety of weapons and equipment. As long as you are good enough, get enough reward gold, then you can buy any advanced weapons you want, so you can give them more numerous strike.Guns:AK47,MP5,K1A,M16,AWP,KRIS,M1911

3.Realistic battle scenes(Ice Fortress,Military Base,Classic Dust2,Arms Depot,Construction Site).All the s nes are realistic style, simulate real-world terrain features, desert 2, military warehouses, snow scene intersection etc. allow you to experience an extraordinary journey killings.

4.The shock of the game sound effects, bring you different awesome shooting experience. Shot, headshot, sniping, explosions, etc..


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