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Strive for Glory

发行商: 4399 NET LIMITED
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Once upon a time, people lived peacefully in a wonderland named Hallstatt, where the mountains meet the sea. There was a magical fountain called Infinite Spring that maintained the balance of the wonderland. While powerful monsters was sent by the Dark Lord Nosferatu from the Eternal Dungeon to grab the Infinite Spring in pursuit of immortality.

In order to protect the homeland, the brave knights and magicians belled the cat. The Infinite Battles between forces of good and evil begun. The warrior who slays the Dark Lord will obtain the power of light and supreme glory. Will you be the chosen one to win the Infinite Battles?

【Auto Fight and Easy Operation】
Too tired to study or work? Welcome to Strive for Glory: Infinite Battles! One-hand operation, auto fight and fluent movement and can free your hands on battle and bring you pleasure.

【Slaughter Bosses and Power boost】
High drop rate of hunting various bosses in dozens of epic dungeons. Legendary weapons and abundant loots are waiting for you. Slaughtering those powerful monsters can make you level up and power boost.

【Exclusive Wings and Powerful Mounts】
Cool special effects of exclusive wings and powerful mounts can bring you a visual feast. Dozens of pets and spiritus can accompany you on this fantastic journey.

【Make Alliance and Conquer Territories】
Alliance is needed to conquer other territories! Team up with your allies to fight against other warriors from all over the world! The war drum is beating. Slay or be slain? Be the hunter or the prey? Who is the chosen one to win the Infinite Battles?

==Contact us==
Facebook: or find @Strive for Glory: Infinite Battles
The game provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game online time and avoid game addiction.


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270 条评价

Great game

Great game, constant grinding is a big win idea. Events are not easy to track however but this can easily be fixed. Doesn’t need a lot of money spent to have fun.


Lost 2 accounts

Hi I’ve made an account 2 times now as when I load up the game and try logging in I have no characters anymore with one accounts I spent about £30 on got up to lvl 246 and it’s now gone characters names was holyvodka


Brilliant game and good friends in leagues

It’s easy to set up need thinking about different items.Asking league questions when needed.JUST PLAYNeed a cross market and let leagues know who merging with instead all this we fight winner takes all.


Disgusting Advert

What on earth are you thinking showing someone playing this game AT THE STEERING WHEEL of a car?!



awsome game wat a been looking for . plz had a relaxing place like stormwind on world of warcraft. also had fishing fish for rares mounts diamonds all the good stuff no limit on it can fish for hours


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