Subway School Simulator

发行商: Irina Ivanova
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Metro School Simulator - build a career as a subway train driver.
Do you like to manage different techniques? Then this simulator is for you!
Carry their parents from home to school and back.
Remember - you are responsible for the lives of the passengers you carry!
Smoothly accelerate and slow down, without disturbing the comfort of transported people.
Stopping at the stations, make sure that all people enter, no one should be late for lessons!
Get experience points and change to more modern electric trains!
Open all the presented locomotives for a more successful passage of the game.
Metro is one of the fastest modes of transport, capable of transporting passengers to destinations without any traffic jams in a very short time!
On the straight sections of the route, accelerate to the maximum speed.
Come to the cabin of the train!

- Modern 3D graphics will give a lot of unforgettable impressions.
- The mechanics of the electric train control is as close as possible to the real one.
- A detailed environment will please even experienced players!
- View from the cockpit will allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay.
- Qualitative soundtrack will create the atmosphere of the metro.

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