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Personalized, health-oriented & highly-efficient Workout App. START FOR FREE!

The Summfit App is the most efficient way to improve your fitness with over 450 exercises, great video tutorials (in HD) and a unique program to create new stimuli and continuously improve your performance.

Get your customized workout routine for fast noticeable results and a sustainable and holistc fitness. Your personal workout plan for even faster results. The Summfit App has been developed by sports scientists, athletes and fitness coaches to improve your performance. Whether you want to build muscles, lose fat, look more athletic or just generally want to become fitter, the Summfit App will guide you to success. Improve your physical and mental strength. The highly-efficient fitness program is suitable for all fitness levels. Multi-facetted workouts and more than 450 exercises, all explained and supported by short videos and pictures. Start striving for excellence and download the app for free.


- Completely functional training system shaped to your fitness level

- Choose from a large source of various exercises, numerous workouts, as well as challenging and motivating challenges

- The individual training plan adapts to your performance level systematically over time

- Train by just using your own bodyweight or optionally expand your training with exercises with equipment such as suspension-trainer, kettlebell, medicine ball and foam roller

- 100% functional training: You will always train several muscle groups at the same time for complete and sustainable fitness

- More than 450 detailed videos, pictures and instructions for every exercise with immaculate instructions

- Improve your physical and mental performance, enhance your life quality and your general well-being with a workout routine that fits into your day-to-day life

- Precise analysis and results of your performance and improvements, easily and comprehensively presented

- Share your results with friends and track their progress

- Visible and tangible results in the shortest time

Download the SUMMFIT App now and start on your path to better fitness and more performance with this scientifically tested workout program – completely flexible and tailored to your needs.

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