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The SuperPooper App is full of potty chat and potty fun. It includes animations, education, interactive games, information and a poopplan for parents. From the age of 2 your child can become a real super-pooper. Your child can choose to play with Poopy or Tootie. Together with them the child will learn how to listen to their tummy and to master constipation, nappy pooing and soiling pants. The app creates an easy and relaxed way to talk about poo and potty things.

● The Poo-poo Song, colourful illustrations and funny animations
● Drag items of the list to pimp your own loo and take a picture
● Discover your poo and which poo is the best in the ‘Peek-A-Poo’ game
● Watch, listen and learn how the body works and food becomes poo and join the quiz
● Check your memory in the Memory game
● Play music with your own fart symphony
● Find your way to the loo in the labyrinth in the ‘Guess Poo’ game
● Colouring pages, a poo diary, poo exercise, a poo diploma as free downloads (on the website)
● Spoken language in English and Dutch

The Peek-A-Poo game is based on the Bristol Stool Scale (a diagnostic tool to classify faeces into seven categories); you can check and show – if necessary – the type of poo of your child to a professional.

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Fantazm develops apps of quality for children and families.
Recommended age: 2-5

● No rules or stress: your child can play on its own way
● Child-friendly control and playing
● No extern advertisements
● No in-app purchases

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