Isolated: Survive,Craft & Mine

发行商: Selim Aksoy
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Advanced crafting, inventory & loot survival sandbox adventure block building story mode game, pickup items & hide in chests, use weapons protect against zombie. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons. Isolated is pixel survival adventure rps game.

Infinite the forest, weapons, achievement, real day/night cycle, advanced crafting and inventory system, water, foods, compass and many more tools. It does so while maintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style. Start with basic requirement, craft, hunt, research and fight to survive.

Survival & Craft:
It is entirely possible to live off the wilderness by harvesting trees and rocks, growing crops and hunting hurtworld zombies down. What sort of survival stuff is added is entirely decided by the players.You can craft everything in game: weapons, food, water, ax, fire... Pickup items and collect them in chests.

Survival Crafting Build Block combines popular 3D block-based building, sandbox exploration game play with exciting and addictive role playing game elements. Explore, mine, craft and construct your house for protect yourself from zombies. Be ready to fearful night, 4X zombie attack at night.


√ Building shed.
√ Survival Crafting Build Block is a survival sandbox adventure open world game.
√ Advanced craft, build block, and survive against zombie.
√ 4X Zombie attack at night.
√ Real day/night cycle.
√ Achievements.

This game is early access and will be update regularly.

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