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Sweet Home: Design Home Game

价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Sweet Home mixes exceptional match puzzles and beautiful home design gameplay! Download Sweet Home for the double fun in the cube blasting and decorating dream rooms!

You don’t need a strong reason to play a creative, beautiful match game with super great experiences. But You have one in Sweet Home -- as an urban white-collar, you inherit your grandfather's manor, you will work with Emily, a private housekeeper, and you will Repair, Clean, Decorate and Renovate the outdated mansion with cube blasting puzzle game!

Come on! Let's design your dreamy home together! You are invited to show off your design abilities and skills by furnishing and decorating a house! It's time to try new tricks in match puzzles and get rewarded!

Design the decors & furniture by solving puzzles and boost stories with tons of levels! Renovate the whole mansion, including swimming pool, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining hall, library, balcony and so on! Friendly and enthusiastic neighbors often visit your home and bring inspirational ideas to you! Beat the cube blast level, defend the glory of top-class design and help people transform their dream to reality by renovating their old house with a fresh and exquisite makeover! Fashion, modern, noble, classic, luxurious, splendid and magnificent styles -- whatever your taste, listen to the story, bring fantastic and marvelous room to others. Pick the variety of options Now!

The game features:

Beat tons of outstanding, relaxing and exciting puzzles
Find plenty of items with a variety of challenging levels
Explore a huge and splendid mansion!
Play abundant tasks and share your achievements to Facebook friends!
Synchronize your game process easily on different devices

Enjoy unique and graceful furniture and interior decoration accessories!
Unlock amazing rooms and practice your design skills!
Multiple ways to get rewards and boosters with explosive combinations!
Meet fantastic neighbors and interact with them to sense their experiences!

The best gameplay is that you never get bored by tapping different match elements! Besides, the cubes and boosts are well designed with fine art and smart match plans! You will make dozens of powerful boosts and create a super blast in cunning levels! Careful strategies would be popular in tricky traps and obstacles, especially those challenging puzzles include extra bonus!

The fun is doubled! 

There’s no time to waste! Come on and rock it!

Welcome all comments and ideas. Please feel free to contact us! Let’s make the game better together!

Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to!


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299 条评价

No more block color matching

I just want to redesign without having to play match 😡


I like this game but there’s a lot of glitches that I found

Like when I got in the game the room was pitch black and I was like oh probably just because we have no windows and this house is from her child hood. But no I put the windows in and it was still pitch black.i had another problem but this one was about the little game that you have to play to get more stars I was casually playing it and it started expanding.


Music won’t stop playing

The game is very fun, I turn the music off and it pops on again I have to do this after each game. This need to be fix if I’m in the doctors office and I’m playing there goes that music . Very annoying


Ok game

Nothing special, or superior about the game. Since the last update I haven’t beat a level. I’m not spending money to beat a level, so deleting. I don’t mind spending a little money on a game I enjoy, but this is no longer enjoyable. Good lick with your game.



I have no words for how bad this game is. I didn’t like it at be honest I think it was a waste of space. It kept glitching so I barely got to play.


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