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Swiss alpine passes status

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** ATTENTION: This App provides Pass-Status information in German only at the moment, stay tuned for English version **

Find top actual informations about the present condition of the Swiss central alpine passes. Partial openings or restrictions of the mountain passes are retrievable. A big plus the App offers, is that you can define your own favorite passes. Afterwards this overview is available personalised on your mobile device.

The app can use your current location to automatically show the surrounding passes sorted by distance (km). In the valleys of the Swiss central alpine passes the signal receptions are not available everywhere, so the last contact with the mobile telephony antenna is stored and the last actualisation of the present condition of the passes are available.

The IG alpine passes is dedicated to the tourist, economic and political support of the alpine passes and their regions. Organised as an association the IAP has the aim to receive and support the jobs in the region. Besides the IAP responsibility for the improvement of the practicability of the pass crossings as well as for common marketing actions of the regional companies – synergies of all companies in the mountain pass region should be used in the best possible way. Together with the tourist organisations the IAP supports and organises events in the pass regions.


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