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Sympathy For The Devil

发行商: 288 Vroom LLC.
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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(Want to know what this book is really about? See below)

A mystery with a message of self-empowerment anyone can relate to.

A fallen angel decides to find his way out of the darkness.

A story like nothing you’ve ever read. Where nothing is as it seems, but in the end may help you make sense of certain things in your own life.

Told from the most unlikely point of view, this is a twisted mystery novel that anyone can ultimately relate to about inner strength we don’t always realize we possess.

Download this one of kind book now and begin the journey of discovering the secret of Sympathy For The Devil and possibly discover something about yourself along the way.

If you like…

- Page turning suspense mystery novels
- Epic scifi fantasy books that take you on a journey of a lifetime
- Stories about magic and the magicians who can create reality
- Great authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, and Paulo Coelho
- Movies and tv with insane twists and turns like Stranger Things, Fight Club, Split, Westworld, Mr Robot
- Motivational self help books that can help improve your life like The Secret, The Alchemist, or books about the Law of Attraction
- Books that aren’t religious or about religion but are spiritual and offer value beyond a great entertaining read!

...then you will love this amazing one of a kind book!!!

For my fellow fallen angels, may we learn to fly high once again!

Are you a fallen angel? Download it now and find out!

Have you read it yet?


We’ve been having trouble marketing this book.

We think it’s because of the title.

We simply can’t figure out a way to tell you how much you will enjoy and VALUE this book.

Most of the people who have read this, have loved this book.

Want to know what this book is really about?

While we are going to try and keep it simple so there will still be plenty of surprises even if you read the spoilers ahead … WARNING MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD.…. (DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU, LAST CHANCE) … Imagine the movie Inside Out for grown-ups wrapped in a page-turning, nail-biting mystery, that you eventually realize reads like a self-help book and the true mystery for you to solve is the mystery your own life. So we ask again, are you a Fallen Angel? You might be surprised.


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