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Tags App - Hashtags for Instagram and other social networks.
Collection of more than 18000 Relevant Hashtags in more than 450* popular categories. Copy / Paste hashtags, Create and Manage your own sets of hashtags, use Hashtag Mixer, Favorites.
Detect hashtags by Photo with TAGS AI **.

Tags App is an ultimate hashtagging tool that will help you to get more views on your photos by tagging them with the appropriate hashtags. Tags collection collected manually to provide the best quality of hashtags.

Tags App Collection Hashtag Categories*:
- Popular
- Animals
- Apps & Social
- Art, Design, Museum
- Body & Face
- Cars
- City, Urban
- Club, Party, Bar, Karaoke
- Countries, Travelling
- Dance
- Entertainment
- Family, Relationships
- Fashion, Clothing
- Feelings
- Fitness, Gym, Workout
- Flowers & Trees
- Food & Drinks
- Furniture & Interior
- Hobbies
- Holidays
- Jobs, Professions, Works
- Likes, Shouts, Comments
- Makeup, Cosmetics, Beauty
- Models, Modeling
- Morning, Day, Night
- Music
- Nature
- People
- Photography
- School & University
- Seasons
- Sport & Activity
- Weather
... and many more!

Tags App Main Features:
- More than 18000 Relevant and trendy hashtags*
- More than 450* popular Categories
- Detect hashtags by a photo with TAGS AI **
- Copy to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Clipboard*
- Hashtags Mixer to mix 2 categories of hashtags*
- Favorites feature to add your hashtags to favorites*
- Hashtags sorting (A-Z, Z-A)*
- Change the number of hashtags to copy*
- Relevant hashtags for every category
- Tap and Copy or Select and copy
- Easy and Fast Search
- Intuitive and user-friendly interface
- Top 100 Tags
- Categories and new tags request
- Tag Sets

*You have to buy In-App Purchase to unlock all features and categories of hashtags.

**TAGS AI - feature to detect hashtags by a photo. You need to purchase In-App coins to make identification requests.

Tag your Instagram photos or twitter or facebook social network posts with the best and trendy hashtags in one tap.

Download Tags App for free today.

1. How to paste tags?
— Tap on hashtags and press Copy Selected. After that inside Instagram, twitter, facebook, etc press "Paste".

Tags app is an irreplaceable hashtag tool for social networks. Thank’s to all our users, we will try to become much better with each update.

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Visit our website: tags-app.net

** Emoji graphics in this pack is a derivative of graphics provided at https://github.com/twitter/twemoji by Twitter, Inc and other contributors and licensed under CC-BY 4.0 :
You can find disclaimer and License text here: http://adelmaer.com/attribution-4-0/

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Download Tags App - Hashtags Today.

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