TalkTablet PRO Autism, Aphasia

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TalkTabletPRO is the award winning, multiple language, speech app for people with autism, aphasia and other speech conditions.

TalkTabletPRO REPLACES TalkTabletUS, CA, UK and all other versions. TalkTabletPRO supports multiple languages and voices in a single app.

TalkTabletPRO includes adult and children's voices in 8 languages, and now offers Premium children's voices from Acapela (in-app purchase). Talktablet is a symbols based AAC speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke or other condition that affects their ability to communicate.

TalkTabletPRO uses a breakthrough interface design that simplifies button and page customizing, yet provides a wealth of features and flexibility not seen in current symbol based speech apps. Every button and every page (folder) in TalkTabletPRO has its own settings, allowing different colors, fonts, page layouts and more on any button or page (folder).

** NEW features in TalkTabletPRO **

MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT: TalkTablet's menus now support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Portuguese

MESSAGE BAR: 1. Adjustable font size...2. More text can fit on message bar...3. Keyboard button beside backspace button

PAGE AND BUTTON SETTINGS: 1. Symbol searching improved...2. Buttons can be transparent...3. Borders can be transparent...4. Page background can contain a photo or image...5. Buttons can play a song...6. Pages now scroll

SPEECH SETTINGS: 1. More voices to choose from... 2: Added premium REAL children's voices from Acapela (in app purchase)

TALKTABLET CLOUD SERVER: 1. Log-in from any page set...2. User can manage their own files on the TalkTablet cloud server from a single page (edit, delete etc.)... 3. Button and page sharing updated and improved...4. Backup/Restore feature updated and improved

GLOBAL BUTTON SETTINGS: Edit all buttons from a single menu (font sizes, border widths etc.)

GLOBAL PAGE SETTINGS: Edit all page buttons from a single menu (font sizes, border widths etc.)

TalkTabletPRO includes our proprietary Cloud Page/Buttons Sharing Service that allows users to share buttons, pages of buttons or entire user vocabularies with other TalkTablet users anywhere in the world.

Simplicity by Design
• Speak by touching buttons that contain predefined words or phrases
• Add random text to phrases using the embedded on-screen keyboard

Choose one of the included vocabularies and start communicating today!
• TalkTablet includes NINE (11) SLP designed starter vocabularies that offer 16 to 48 buttons/page PLUS an included CORE vocabulary, OR create a new vocabulary of your own design

Expand your pages along with the user's progression
• Each grid size (buttons/page) can be increased or decreased at any time to suit your needs
• Word prediction

EASY, EASY customization
• Add buttons, pages, or new vocabularies in a flash. The most intuitive AAC app available today.

• Choose from over 30,000+ SymbolStix™ symbols (worlds largest AAC library), or take photos with the camera, use photos from your album, or add Google images to your buttons

• Create unlimited user vocabularies from a single app

• Change color, font, borders, backgrounds and more on each button or page

• Buttons can be made invisible, dimmed or normal

• Move buttons by simply pressing, holding and dragging to new location

• Copy and paste buttons between page or user vocabularies

• Prevent unwanted editing by enabling a password to the editing area

• Prevent unwanted repeated tapping of buttons with the “Tap Delay” feature

• Includes natural sounding voices (not robotic) in multiple languages..OR use the included audio recording function to record voices or sounds

* Share buttons, pages or entire vocabularies WIRELESSLY with other TalkTablet users.

• Built-in backup and restore feature to safeguard your pages, including our free offsite backup service

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