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Turn your table into a race circuit and challenge people from around the world!
Tap for speed and turn the corners by drifting!
Tune your car based on the race course and become the world’s best driver!

◇◆◇◆Tap Drift Racing Features◆◇◆◇
◇Make your house the race track!
With AR (augmented reality) technology
you can race people from around the world
on your house floor and table top!

◆Challenge people any time!
Race against the best times from
around the world whenever and wherever!

◇Challenge people through social networking
Post your best time on social networking to
challengers around the world!
Challengers will be able to open the app and
challenge you directly from the provided link!

◆Simple controls- just tap using 3D Touch!
Tap to accelerate, release to break
Timing of tapping to accelerate will be the key to winning!

◇Win the corners by drifting!
Turn the corner at high speed and your car
will drift and activate a boost after turning the corner
Turn the corners too fast and the car will spin out
Control your acceleration with skillful tapping!

◆Tune your car based on race course or your racing style
Tune the 4 parameters: “Speed”, “Break”, “Accelerate”, and “Cornering”

◇Style the car your way!
You can switch out body and wheel design for every car

◆Tons of dynamic courses!
Over 30 dynamic and three-dimensional courses
With fun twists and turns

◇Oversee the entire track as you race- it's like
 you're racing RC cars and slot cars!

・Please be aware of your surroundings
・This app uses your device’s camera. Please allow the app to access your camera
・Because this app uses the ARKit, it is compatible on the following devices and OS
▽Compatible devices
  ・iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  ・iPhone SE
  ・iPhone 7/7 Plus
  ・iPhone 8/8 Plus
  ・iPhone X
▽Compatible OS
  iOS11 and higher

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