Tap It! Don't Screw Up

发行商: Rolling Panda
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Tap It! Don't Screw Up is a very simple yet very addictive game at the same time. This game especially for those who are looking for killing boredom at workplace and stuck at really awkward place. Concept comes from a person who actually had been in this situation and looked up for something that could kill the time but never wanted to get screwed up.

Don’t say that we didn’t warn if your boss sees you and you got screwed up. We say it hence Tap It! But try not to screw up.

A Boredom Killer Game Features
-Play anywhere anytime
-Endless play mode your thumb gets pain
-Lots of head cracking questions
-Boost your self-esteem & focus skills
-Beat your own score
-Share score & Challenge your friends and colleagues
-Minimalistic Design
-Intriguing background music for your mind

How to play?
Hello, it’s an easy game as the name says it. You don’t need instructions to play this. We mean it. Don’t believe? Just Tap It on Install button.

What you need?
A thumb may be another thumb as well. Oh use it anything, but try not to screw up. And yes, you need a good focus skills and quick decision making. Else you are going to screw it up.

Feel free to review and suggest new features and other things that you would like to see in this Tap It!

WARNING: Don’t get screwed up in front of your boss.

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