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Taptronome is the first gesture-based metronome for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Designed for ease-of-use and glanceability, engineered for accuracy.

• Intuitive swipe and tap controls
• Gorgeous, fullscreen beat indicators
• Highly accurate tempo and timing
• Modern digital and classic analog tones

The "Tap Tempo" feature detects a tempo from your finger taps automatically. And even while the metronome is running, swipe up and down or left and right on your phone to change tempo or timing on-the-fly.

Taptronome on your Apple Watch makes the perfect click-track remote control. Set the tempo with your voice, dial it in with the digital crown, or tap a rhythym directly on the Watch display.

Useful for students, musicians, and composers alike, Taptronome is always handy and ready to help you keep time. Learn to play a tricky piece, keep your bandmates on beat, and find your rhythm.

Fast. Accurate. Beautiful.


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