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Bolt Driver (Taxify)

价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Drive with Bolt (formerly Taxify). Earn good money, be your own boss and work when you want to.

Why Bolt?
• Higher earnings — pay lower commission than with other apps.
• More flexibility — drive when YOU want to.
• Many clients — you can earn more.
• Fast payouts — collect your earnings every week.
• An easy to use app — navigation, earnings info and updates all in one place.
• Rewards — we offer special bonuses and extras to our drivers!

How to get started:
• Sign up to drive inside the Bolt Driver app or at;
• We'll help you complete the training process, either online or in person at one of our local driver hubs;
• Start earning extra money!

Bolt is available in 30+ countries and 150+ cities around the world. We rebranded from Taxify to Bolt in March 2019.

Questions? Get in touch via or at

Bolt’s mission is to bring fast, reliable and affordable transportation to millions of people around the world, while also helping thousands of drivers support their families. If you're looking for a flexible way to earn money, sign up to drive with Bolt today.

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480 条评价

Destination Change & Fare issues

I’ve been using Bolt for quite sometime now, at certain time an update was introduced which it has remove changing destination on driver app and after completing trip you cannot ask for fare review nor complaints about the fare. Also why is it if you want to change your mobile phone number you have to write email which is wasted of time and after writing email and be accepted to change a phone number you cannot go back to use you previously phone number I will recommend to return this futures with your next updates and make it easy to change phone number.1. Bring back destination change to driver app2. Bring back fare review3. Make it possible to change number within the app


Rider destination not visible

Since have been using this new version of bolt driver, have not been able to see rider destinations. It doesn’t let me know on which ride to accept or not. Then I end up accepting a destination I don’t want to go which is very inconvenient for me as the driver. Pls fix this bug. Thank you.


The tariff is small

Please help us increase the tariff thanks



I’m a driver in Lagos Nigeria and the charges you guys charge us is much, I spent over 6 hours in traffic and the total trip cost was 3500 naira which is actually bad, I wasted fuel, time, energy and I didn’t make any gain on the trip. You guys don’t add the traffic duration on cost which is bad for the drivers



The rider destination feature has been removed which is so inconvenient as a driver. The main reason why drivers are on your platform is because of that reason alone. If this feature is removed, drivers might revert back to other apps.


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