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TeacherTool is a solution for teachers that combines three functions into one - digital calendar, notebook and timetable. TeacherTool was developed in practical use for practical applications and has been setting unrivaled standards in terms of data security, functional scope, ease-of-use and support since 2009. TeacherTool will revolutionize the way your student administration by making it more effective, easier to navigate and more customized. TeacherTool puts all of your key student information right at your fingertips so that it can be instantly accessed and edited. By assigning your own password and using powerful data encryption tools, you will also be able to protect the data against unauthorized access.

If, for instance, a student inquires about his or her grade status, you will be able to spontaneously review with the student, criterion by criterion, his or her performance development based on compelling graphics.

If a proposed grade is not in compliance with your pedagogic standards, you can make individual adjustments to the grade computation process at your discretion!

Do you prefer to use symbols to grade your students’ work? - TeacherTool also has the capability to use symbolic grading systems (including Emojis for your youngest pupils!) The solution can readily convert conventional grades into symbols and vice versa – no adjustments required.

If a student provides an excuse for an absence, you will be able to see when the student was absent in TeacherTool right away. Simply click on the identified time frame to excuse the absence.

If you have to grade a test, all you have to do is define the number of points for each individual question and TeacherTool will automatically convert them for you. You can even use this tool for other types of assessments, e.g. in physical education.

If you want to create a tally sheet for homework, you will find it convenient that TeacherTool treats all types of remarks/comments as tally sheets and that homework is just one of many possible applications.

You may also want to record data during lessons in the classroom. Handling this task is one of the special capabilities of the TeacherTool! It knows your class schedule and is very versatile when it comes to making updates: it proposes times of absence to be logged, automatically calculates late arrivals, generates entries into the register and handles lots of other tasks.

Do you have to plan and document lessons? Simply use the register to assist you with planning. Attach your digital teaching materials to each classroom hour scheduled or download them from the Cloud anytime you need them! Photograph your blackboard presentations and project the photos to the screen at the beginning of the next lesson to recap and review.

Need some help remembering? – Of course there’s a tool for that. Simply take pictures of your students (after obtaining their consent), create an interactive seating chart and set up the TeacherTool to remind you of all organizational matters!

TeacherTool is a universal app, i.e. you can install it on all of your iOS devices and use it simultaneously. Via encrypted data transfer, it is possible to synchronize the data between the different devices exclusively via your WLAN connection. Hence, no data is loaded onto external servers and you do not have to register yourself or your students anywhere to be able to use TeacherTool. TeacherTool is far superior to similar competitive products since it offers maximum data security and privacy. TeacherTool is also your best choice because of its expeditious and competent support services, which are at your disposal whenever you have any questions.

To find out more, please visit www.teachertool.eu!

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