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SAVE 25% - The entire collection of TeachMe apps from Toddler through 3rd Grade, together with TeachMe: Math Facts.

24x7digital’s popular TeachMe: educational apps contain age-appropriate learning topics and motivational reward activities to help your youngster learn quickly and effectively. Our apps have received numerous accolades and have been adopted by many educational institutions, teachers, home-schoolers, and parents. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be child friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult. Kids love it because of the fun learning and engaging rewards. Parents love it because it is educational and their kids keep coming back for more.

TeachMe: Toddler (2-4 years old)
• Letters: identify A-Z a-z (uppercase and lowercase)
• ABC Phonics: identify by sound A-Z a-z (uppercase and lowercase)
• Numbers: identify 1-20
• Shapes: identify circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, star, diamond, octagon, trapezoid
• Colors: identify black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown, pink, gray
• Counting: counting 1-10 objects

TeachMe: Kindergarten
• Sight Words: Dolch Pre-K, K
• Addition: sums up to 10
• Subtraction: from 10 down
• Spelling: complete words by choosing the missing letter
• Letter Writing: how to write a-z, A-Z
• Number Writing: how to write 0-9

TeachMe: 1st Grade
• Sight Words: Dolch First Grade
• Addition: sums up to 20 with additional advanced questions
• Subtraction: from 20 down with additional advanced questions
• Spelling: 170+ 1st grade level words

TeachMe: 2nd Grade
• Sight Words: Dolch Second Grade
• Spelling: 100+ 2nd grade level words
• Fast Addition: practice single digit math facts in preparation for long addition
• Fast Subtraction: practice one's column math facts in preparation for long subtraction
• Long Addition: 2 and 3 digit addition including regrouping (carrying)
• Long Subtraction: 2 and 3 digit subtraction including regrouping (borrowing)

TeachMe: 3rd Grade
• Sight Words: Dolch Third Grade
• Spelling: 350+ 3rd grade level words
• Multiplication: learn single digit multiplication facts up to 12x12
• Division: learn division facts for products up to 12x12
• Fast Multiplication: timed drills to master multiplication
• Fast Division: timed drills to master division

TeachMe: Math Facts
• Quickly memorize math facts by group
• Addition +0 through +12
• Subtraction -0 through -12
• Multiplication x0 through x12
• Division ÷1 through ÷12



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