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Team Timer Pro is a lap timer designed for recording the workouts of multiple athletes at the same time.

With easy team entry and workout setup, coaches only need to line their athletes up, start the timer, and tap the athlete's button each time they finish a lap.

Results for each workout can easily be displayed, showing each of the athlete's lap times, as well as total workout and average lap times.

What is added in this Pro version:
• select a workout type (swim, bike, run)
• set pace units for your workouts (minutes/100yd, mph, minutes/mile, etc.) for each workout type
• optionally set each athlete's base pacing for organizing the athlete buttons in the timer (starts with fastest athletes at top of list)
• see each athlete's pace as they complete each lap while timing the workout
• see how each athlete's pace compares to the previous lap
• filter workout results by workout type
• workout results now include pacing information
• share workout results to a CSV file for utilizing in a spreadsheet

Coming in future updates:
• additional workout types (intervals, bricks, races, etc.)
• create presets for common workouts that are repeated

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