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TeddyMix 1

发行商: Leripa AB
价格: 2.99 USD


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TeddyMix 1 - Sort and categorize!

This app stimulates the development of a child's: * Vocabulary * Short term memory * Coordination * Understanding for visual attention*

No in-app purchases | No ads | No data collection | No social media | No third parties | Child Safety locked links

"A pure delight for your little ones" -

TeddyMix 1 is an educational app aimed at pre-school, nursery and the home learning environment, or at anyone who likes teddybears! It develops the child's verbal skills and strengthens the ability to observe pictures and take notice of details in beautiful illustrated environments. Under 5 years.


Sort the Objects
Categorize the objects into groups such as flowers, birds, mushrooms, furniture, clothes, toys, fruit and vegetables. Click on an object and sort it in the correct box. In this activity children learn basic terms that are important for a solid verbal development.

Which Does Not Belong
One of the objects does not belong to the group. Click on the odd one and it will disappear. For each correct answer the child receives a golden star and positive comments from Teddy. When all five golden stars shine Teddy will say "good work" or "fantastic" and there will be a surprise.

Teddy dominoes
Put the wagons on the train. In this exercise, there are several different types of dominoes. There are fewer carriages in level 1 and more at the other levels. Level 1: match the colour and shape. Level 2: match images of different types of fruit. Level 3: match letters, numbers.

* Tap on the flag to change language. Here you have 10 different languages to choose from.
* Tap on the stars to select a difficulty level.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Please rate and review the app to help us spread knowledge to more kids and to learn how to become even better. Thank you! :)


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