Kalender und Termine

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This app is suitable for calendars according to the ICS standard RFC 5545/5546, which is used by most computer programs. This is the prerequisite, so that you can also use your calendar from the PC with the appropriate software.

This appointment calendar has the following functions:

- Date Overview
   All appointments are displayed time-dependent. The list can be
searched. The list is kept on the iPhone and can be stored and loaded
externally. Appointments can be transferred from the iPhone

- Monthly Overview
   Monthly overview helps navigate through calendar dates quickly. Important
Appointments are listed separately. An overview of appointments of the day couldt be called up
on the screen.

- Date
   Appointments can include date and time or just the date.
   These can be stored with or without time zone. So, for example
   the date New Year should be used without time zone as the year
   actually begins on earth at different times.
   In contrast, a birthday with the time zone should be deposited, in
   which the jubilarian lives. Thus, at the time of congratulation
   nothing goes wrong.

- Series date
   One-off and serial appointments can be generated.
   A recurring event is controlled by a rule by which the repetitive
   appointments are generated. These rules fulfill the standard.
   So you do not have to dive deeper into the rules, as most common rules
could be created by key combination.

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