The Best Quiz

发行商: Alija Sirbic
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"The Best Quiz" is a trivia game for all ages, which tests your abilities in general knowledge.

"The Best Quiz" is for those who love trivia and general knowledge. Put your skills to the test and compete with your friends who will reach furthest in the categories.

In "The Best Quiz" there is a great quiz that will shortly hold 21 different categories. If you get stuck and can't come up with the answer, theres is an extra memory game where you can get help. Memory can be played by yourself with Time Trial but the most fun is with multiple players.

If you are not already an expert in general knowledge, you will become one after this app!

All popular categories are collected in The Best Quiz, including:
- Cities
- Countries
- Singers
- Sports
- Actors

With a beautiful design, entertaining sound and animation, this game becomes a game you cannot put away.

Play, and see how many pictures you recognize. For every right answer, you recieve stars that opens up more levels.

Does it seem too easy at first? Don’t worry! The level of difficulty increases and more levels are coming!

This game can be played anywhere and on the move, it requires no internet connection.

Big Update!
- Changed design and added more levels.
- Added fun memory game with pictures from the Quiz that works as help if you get stuck in the Quiz.
- Match the picture with the correct answer.
- Can be played in multiplayer with up to 4 players.
- One player mode equals Time Trial.

three awesome best awesome


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