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This app provides an offline version of Bible Dictionary

Containing over 2,000 A-Z entries it provides clear and concise information about all of the important people, places, events, and doctrines of the Bible.

Terms range from earthquakes and mice to martyrs and art, and many entries on Act of God, Old Testament and New Testament theology, Hanukkah, the Koran, mysticism, and many more.

This dictionary features a detailed bibliography, biographies of Bible scholars, a conversion table of measures, weights, and values, a chronology of important dates in Biblical history, and historical maps.

With lively and informative A-Z entries and an array of useful supplementary material, this dictionary is a must-have app for students and teachers of theology and religious education, and it is an useful reference for all readers of the Bible.

● User-defined list
- Create your own list

● Study tools:
- Search an entry
- Bookmark an entry
- Multiple choice quiz
- Flashcard

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