The Complete Yoga Bundle

发行商: Saagara
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Get 43% off of ALL Saagara’s Yoga Apps when you get The Complete Yoga Bundle.

Apps included in the bundle:
Universal Breathing - guided breathing for decreased stress, improved sleep and better overall health
Office Yoga - stretch and regain focus throughout the workday
Chakra Meditation - gain spiritual balance
Core Yoga - strengthens the ab muscles
Yoga for Back Pain - improves flexibility and strength of the spine
Yoga for Weight Loss - promotes weight loss
Yoga for Insomnia - improves sleep quality and relaxation
Yoga for Migraines - reduces stress and improves blood flow
Yoga for Asthma - strengthens the lungs

Each yoga app provides a structured series of yoga poses for the various health concerns. Other features include:

Varying difficulty levels in each app
Audible breathing cues with different music styles in all the apps
Optional voice instruction in all apps other than Core Yoga and Office Yoga
Step-by-step pose descriptions

Beginners should start with Core Yoga, Universal Breathing and Office Yoga. Once you’ve mastered Core Yoga, then move onto Yoga for Asthma and Yoga for Migraines. Later move onto the more difficult sessions in Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Weight Loss and Yoga for Insomnia.

In yoga there is an Axoim, “You are only as young as your spine.” This Yoga Bundle provides you with a diverse number of yoga poses and training sessions, aimed to strengthen all your body’s muscle groups and increase your flexibility. It’s perfect for all-round good health!



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