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The Encounter of Stars

发行商: Giant Network
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"On the scale of the universe, we were born in stars, and we will return to stars."
"Don't be sad, we will meet again."

"The Encounter of Stars" is a relaxing and pleasant game that tells the story of what the protagonist heard during a special journey. As the journey progresses, the story of the protagonist is slowly unfolding.

Science is also a kind of romance. The creator has created a lot of stories when he presented everything in the world to us, and we want to tell some of them as narrators.. We want to tell a part of them as narrators.

This is a game about one's thoughts and pursuits, the sadness, joy and separation. We have stories and invite you to listen.

【Core gameplay】
Players click on the screen to generate centrifugal force away from the center, avoid obstacles and collect memory fragments of the planet; then, according to the collected fragments, arrange the disordered sentences into a complete story, so as to complete the collection of stories.

【Game Features】
• Each chapter is a new story, bringing new feelings to players.
• Exquisite and meticulous art design to create touching visual enjoyment.
• The original music commensurate with the plot makes people immersed in the game.
• The main plot is full of emotion, making a journey of fate in time and space.

【Contact us】

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us through the following channels.
QQ: 663209181


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