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The Flight Computer

价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This is a real moving 100% functional digital version of the classic flight computer.

On top of that, this a training app, designed to help you master the flight computer by solving it over and over again until you get it right.

Improve your flight computer skills!

= Solves wind problems AND teaches you how to use the flight computer =

- Find TH & GS
- Find TH / TAS
- Find TT / GS
- Find Wind

An E6B flight computer is the circular slide rule calculator on the opposite side of your wind computer.

There are already many E6B apps out there and they all allow you to convert everything.
This app is very different.
It can solve track and heading problems like many others but it is also a teaching tool:
It replaces that list of practise questions in your study book.
How? It generates those questions for you and then points out on the E6B how to solve them!
This is meant to be a supplement to your own metal flight computer and show you how to read it.

What this app DOES:
* Move like a real E6B flight computer
* Generate practice questions for all those tricky conversions like CAS-TAS, MACH-TAS and True Altitude
* Show you how exactly to solve a conversion on the E6B itself!
* For the wind side of the flight computer: Generate practice questions and answers

What this app does NOT do:
- Calculate your CAS-TAS/MACH conversions for you. It is a training tool for the E6B!

- You can choose the type of question

Are you training for your PPL, CPL, ATPL exam?
Experience learns that most candidates run out of time if they are not quick enough with the Flight Computer.
* This app will help you master your flight computer and develop those mad E6B skills.
* Use it to generate practise questions for yourself or your students

- Find TH & GS
- Find TH / TAS
- Find TT / GS
- Find Wind
These are all the cases you must master for your ATPL exam.


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