Learn Georgian Alphabet Now

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Georgian Alphabet Now App is a teaching tool to help you learn to read and write the Georgian alphabet, Mkhedruli. The entire alphabet is presented in 8 lessons.

After covering each lesson with tiny flashcards, pronunciation guides, a quiz will help you test what you've learned. With its easy-to-use interface you can learn the alphabet in a few days.

Program contains:

- Eight lessons modern Georgian Mkhedruli script, including historical letters no longer used
- tiny flashcards for each letter
- Pronunciation guides in each lesson
- Practice drawing of letters
- Quiz for all the letters

Study the letters in each lesson and write them down several times. Use the Write tab to learn to write letters of the beautiful Georgian script.

Click on completed, once you know the lesson.
Use the quiz to test your knowledge. Only the lessons marked completed appear in the quiz.

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