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The Impostor - Voice Chat

发行商: Beijing Mengzu Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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"The Impostor" is a 3D game, you can play with friends, or quickly join a match game.
Players will be a crew or an impostor. Crew needs to complete its own tasks and find impostors to vote them; the impostor needs to kill the crew as much as possible, and sabotage to hinder crew from completing the task.

-Popular now
10 people play together online, find out who the impostor is

-Real-time interaction
Try your best to pretend to be a crew

-Online party
Find clues and identify the murderer

-Voice social
Have fun with people all over the world

A new cruise ship is ready, are you ready to start a journey?


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117 条评价

What a rip off

This is a rip off of Among Us and the people’s voices are just like spitting static and is lagging i still downloaded the game to see the tasks and the tasks are horrible and it’s kinda laggy and you should’ve gave credits to Among Us cuz you got this idea from them



the game is abit laggy and most are kids so people from older age groups should join and the graphics could be better tbh


Talking / voice and THINK OF A ORIGINAL

So am below 12 and i dont really think its commable to play with strangers most of them are like kids i mean like who would play with actual starbgers you dont know? and also why cant you think of your own game like seriously i dont like this is my opinionSorry


The games laggy

The game is very laggy for me and the voice chat is pretty poor people are just spitting static. The worst part is that you didn’t even give credit for among us which is the game that YOU copied. your making people think the concept of the game is your original idea when in reality you just copied a games existing concept


I never try it

So I am going to download it and it’s kinda creepy when I read the comment so I download it and I play I hear a strange voice man said where is your location so I deleted fast that’s why I will never play it 🎎


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