The Mafia - card game

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Mafia is a team-based psychological role-playing game with a detective story, simulating the fight informed about each other members of an organized minority with an unorganized majority.

The plot: the Inhabitants of the city, exhausted from the rampant mafia, decide to put them in jail all mafia members. In response, the mafia declares a war until the complete destruction of all decent citizens.


The app randomly distributes roles between players.
Each person in the game clicks on the appropriate button in the application and sees their role. And then passes the device to the next player. After all the players have seen their roles, the game begins!

The gameplay is divided into two phases — "day" and "night".
When the host announces the phase of the night in the city, the players close their eyes — "sleep". The first-night leading allows players mafia to open their eyes and remember their colleagues - to "meet".

After that the mafia is "asleep" and to wake up requires cop. Thus the host becomes a known situation (he knows who-is-who).

According to the announcement “day” phase wake up all the inhabitants. During the day, players discuss which of them may be "dishonest" - involved in the mafia. At the end of the discussion, the host announces an open vote for going to jail. The most suspicious resident, who received the most votes-goes to jail (out of the game).

Then comes the "night" phase. At night, the mafia wakes up, silently (gestures) "confers" and kills one of the survivors of the townspeople, showing the host who it is. Mafia falls asleep. The Cop wakes up and points to one of the residents, who wants to "check" for involvement in the mafia. The host all also silently, "on fingers", shows to the cop the status checked.
During the day, the host announces who was killed at night. This player is out of the game.

Information about what happened is used by the surviving players for discussion and another "condemnation" ... the Game continues until the complete victory of one of the teams when the opponents are completely or killed or put in jail…

The classic game is played with three main roles (mafia, civilians, and cop) and host.

However, you can optionally add other roles to the game, such as:

Doctor - he plays for civilians, he wakes up at night and points to one of the players, then that player gets immunity and cannot be killed by mafia.

Maniac - an independent person is a murderer, wakes up after the mafia and can kill any player, at their discretion. Maniac can be a positive character and try to kill the mafia, or a negative - try to kill only civilians. The choice between positive and negative is at the discretion player or according to the original agreement between the players.

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