The Warehouse Job

发行商: Mauro Colombo
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价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Piero and Bepi have a nice extra turn at the Warehouse where they work.
You have to ensure that the two characters move the products between the different conveyor belts that complete, step by step, the shipping crates.
Bepi will then have to load the truck completely, before enjoying a moment of rest, taking 10 Bonus points!
But be careful not to drop anything from the conveyor belts: the foreman could take it out on you!
Individually check out Piero and Bepi in this great classic 80's MultiScreen completely revised in graphics and details.
Challenge your friends to beat your records!
The incredible experience of diving into the 80s while having fun with the exciting hand-held LCD game consoles.
Graphics, sounds, visual effects are faithfully reproduced and designed to make you totally immerse in the game.
Try the simple game A and the most difficult game B.
Collect all 'Back to the 80's - The Games' games!

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