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Things I Like.

发行商: Things I Like Company Limited
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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LYKA is a free social media platform that allows users to connect, discover new things, and share their interests with other individuals. The platform allows people to share photos. It also revolves around a Digital Point System - which rewards users for engagement on the platform. Users receive LYKA Gems for rating other posts, sharing content, gaining a following, and spending time on the app. These LYKA Gems can be shared among friends, exchanged for goods with our partner stores, and can be collected to redeem gifts on our LYKA Shop ranging from gift certificates, gadgets, and even hotel accommodations.

Why choose LYKA?

LYKA GEM SYSTEM - earn LYKA Gems by gaining ratings, followers, posting, sharing, and commenting.
LYKA SHOP - redeem gadgets, clothes, toys, food certificates, airfare, accommodation, and more on the LYKA Shop using the Gems that you earn.
SEND & RECEIVE GEMS - send and receive LYKA Gems easily and securely with the new pin system and QR code.
GIFT GIVING MADE EASY - you never have to worry about what to give your friends on special occasions. They can post whatever they like and you can easily send the item to their address through the app.

Other Features:
Segregate the people you follow into different categories such as family, friends, co-workers, and more. Post photos and videos. Repost the photos and videos that you like. Rate your friends’ posts from 1 diamond to 5 LYKA Gems. Follow friends easily using a unique QR code.


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992 条评价


Hi and good afternoon to the makers of this app. I’m recently having issues within the application. It seems that when I post pictures or like someone else’s, my gems freeze and it’s giving me anxiety. Why is it freezing? Can someone please fix this bug. I would highly recommend this app no doubt but since this issue is not dealt with yet, I’m a little bit restless about it. Thank you.


lyka is the best

best soc med app! this app is very innovative! you can earn gems by posting good contents (pics/vids) and maxrating other’s posts and each gem is convertible to 1 peso. what makes it convenient is that you can use your gems to buy food/stuff from lyka merchants using cashless transaction



Lyka has been really helpful especially in these trying times. You can enjoy using social media but can also earn money!! You can earn by just posting and rating. There may be some issues such as lagging & crashing, but i know the team is always trying to better the app. Lyka has big potential on surpassing the other big social media apps!



Thank you lyka, I am soooo grateful to be part of the LYKA COMMUNITY! Super love this APP so muchhh!! LYKA IS THE BEST!!!💯 i've been using this app for almost 5months. I was able to buy food from different merchants. That's why this app really deserved a 5-star rating!!! Lyka has been very helpful to me, more power to LYKA!! ♥️



The best talaga ang lyka app you can earn and at the same time you can make new friends! 💖


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