Tick Taxi

发行商: Shilpa Goyal
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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TckTaxi is a fast growing On-demand taxi Hailing organisations, which integrates city transportation for users and driver-partners onto a mobile platform guaranteeing easiest, straightforward, and snappy service satisfaction. TickTaxi is centered on utilizing the best of technological innovation and building inventive solution ground-up that are applicable worldwide.
We are one among the pioneer in the personal road transportation business world wide. We started a new cult in the transport industry with our experienced professional management and won over many hearts and served thousands of customers.
Vision an Mission
Our efforts have proved that with true spirit, social needs can be changed over into financial incentives to control changes in worldwide economy. TickTaxi not just changed the mode of operation in the taxi market, but also motivated others on how to run business.
Our vision is to create a comprehensive society by offering barrier free service accessible 24*7 and recognised globally as the No.1 On-demand taxi solution provider.
Our mission is to provide a comfortable and reliable taxi service to every passenger by creating a interesting and inspiring environment. This is a part of online trading company of the ATM group.

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