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The main purpose is to create an intelligent bid aggregator, through a system that makes it possible to convert all bids produced by businesses in paper form in a digital, simple, fast and eco-friendly form.
Businesses can advertise their offerings in digital form, through an intelligent gallery, where they have access to all subscribers subscribed to the platform's own communication channels.
The platform itself enables the collection of as much intelligence as possible by the user. Based on this information he sends automatic or manual 'Push notification', according to specific business criteria.
TIDO's intelligent placement, it self-creates personalized bids for every customer based on personal information declared by them as age, gender or preferences and bid bid area.
The client is able to explore the map to see the offers that are closer to him and choose the offer that better meets his interests.
Through a simple and quick procedure the customer can make the on-line purchase of the preferred offer.

The platform enables this selection process for customers across all channels provided by it.

The platform also provides full access to businesses in all channels where they are subscribed. The business has the right to enter and manage the respective bids and their basic information.
Each offer has a start date and expiration date.
The system automatically notifies users of new and on-demand bids intelligently.
TIDO will expand the service map for clints by bringing soon the Employment Module, a dedicated application and job offer space.

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