发行商: Lars Meynberg
价格: 1.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch


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Time2Feed is an App for reptile owners who wants to keep track of all the important data of their animals.

You can register your animals and keep track of the feedings and other data. Enter your feedings with time and comment and the app will calculate the days between the feedings and the days since the last feeding.
On one quick look you will know how long the last feeding has been. The own iPhone is quick at hand so you can add your feedings directly after every feeding and you can dispose your paperwork.

New via In-App-Purchase: Generate a QR code for every animal and after the feeding just scan the code and enter the feeding data. Easier as ever! All within the App, no extra software needed!

Main functions:
- Register animals with data and picture
- Enter and edit statistics:
-- Feedings
-- Sheedings
-- Weight and Length measurements
-- General events
- Groups of Animals: Group your animals by type, species or something else.
- Delete animals, feedings etc. per swipe gesture
- Feeding reminder: Set max days without feeding for each animal
- Animal statistics: Calculations for feedings, sheedings etc.
- CVS export for animal and statistics data
- Quick feeding:
You can use the 'Quick Feeding' function to enter feedings for multiple animals or groups at once. Just choose time and add a comment and the feeding will be added directly to the chosen animal or to all.

Supports Touch3D shortcuts on force touch of the App Icon and Apple Watch

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