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First of its kind lifestyle membership with access to multiple subscription services, brand offers, and events under a single roof. Our partners are market leaders in categories such as Dining, Food delivery, Entertainment & Media, Travel & Hotels, Grocery delivery, Online shopping, Beauty & Wellness, Health & Medicine, Home care services and many more. We work with 25+ top brands in the country including Uber, Myntra, BigBasket, Oyo, Swiggy, Chai point and many more. Try 12 offers for a month for free or Buy annual membership at 30% off using exciting payment offers from HDFC Timescard, Timespoints and Paytm. Pay now and unlock instant benefits up to Rs 4000 on Uber, Swiggy, Myntra and more brands.

Join millions of subscribers who enjoy the benefits of Gourmet Passport (by DineOut), Swiggy Super, BigBasket Star and many other premium memberships. Also get exciting offers on events & activities in your city - Smaaash, insider.com, CherishX being some of our elite partners. All this while you save up to Rs 60,000 every year!

Just follow these 3 easy steps to avail Times Prime benefits:

1. Sign Up - Download the Times Prime app & register using your mobile number to start your 30-day free offers
2. Activate Offers - Select memberships & offers you like and click to Activate them
3. Enjoy benefits! - Goto the partner site/ app & login using the same mobile number to start availing benefits!

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