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Times Table ! ! is a great way to learn the multiplication table. You can quickly and easily select the factors you need to customize your practice session. Press the "All" button to quickly select or deselect all the factors. Press one of the other red buttons on the first column to select or deselect the row of factors associated with that button. For example, pressing the "7 x" button will select or deselect all the factors on that row.

Selected factors are shown in blue. Pressing a blue factor button will deselect it (make it gray), and pressing a gray factor button will select it (make it blue).

1) Select the individual factors to practice
2) Multiple choice option (instead of keypad)
3) Horizontal or vertical problem orientation
4) Show/hide time used
5) Select number of problems

Selecting "Custom" for the number of problems will generate the number of problems based on the selected factors. For example, if one selects the individual factors 4, 5, and 6 for the "9 x" row, then three problems will be generated: 9 x 4, 9 x 5, and 9 x 6.

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