TimeTable - GMT, UTC, Zulu Time Zone Conversions

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TimeTable is the easiest way to convert between two time zones. By comparing the two side by side it is incredibly easy to get a quick conversion from one to the other. No need to plug in or think about specific times, simply scroll up and down to find the ones you need. Great for converting blocks of time, like "11am-3pm EST to GMT", or "11:00-16:00 Zulu to CST." Staggered Day mode allows you to view the day/night cycle of both zones relative to each other. Toggle between 12 and 24 hour mode to grab your local time in 24 hour format.

* Custom time offsets (Want to see the local time 1h25m from now? No problem!)
* 12/24h toggle (View the local or destination time zone in either format)
* Favorites (Always jumping between zones? EST 12h -> 24h? PST 12h -> GMT 24h? Add to your favorites for easy access)
* Local time: have the current local time highlighted on the chart regardless of zone
* Highly customizable! (5 themes with more to come, change row stagger mode, day stagger mode, etc)
* Fast, easy to read at a glance
* Expansion view (Zoom in on a certain hour to view with more detail, good for strange offsets like GMT-4:30)

I originally built this app with pilots in mind. As a private pilot I found myself often needing to convert blocks of time from my local zone to Zulu 24h for weather briefings and general flight planning. Rather than having to select individual times and convert them one by one, the table method allowed me to gain a familiarity with the new zone as if it were my own. No need to think about the conversion, 12h to 24h, etc, simply look at the chart and it was there. I have since found the app to be useful outside of aviation and it was become my preferred way to view "time" as a whole, be it traveling or simply wondering what time it was somewhere! I hope you too find TimeTable to be a fun and useful tool.

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