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Stop suffering from tinnitus & improve your quality of life with the only medically designed Tinnitus Treatment App on the market.

Most users have reported a 50% improvement in their quality of life in just 6 weeks of using the App. We are so confident this App will work for you we are offering a Free 30 day trial.

What you’ll love about Tinnitus Treatment App:
• Medically Designed by Ear, Nose & Throat specialist Dr. JC Hodge.
• Listen on the go, anywhere anytime and train your brain to ignore your tinnitus
• Great value and flexible membership. You can cancel anytime.
• The more you listen the better your results. We recommend you listen for 2 hours per day.
• Save your data on your progress dashboard to chart your progress.
• Award winning treatment.

How it works:

Using ear/headphones is recommended for best results. Create your customised treatment sound through recalibration. Set the frequency as close as you can to your tinnitus and save the volume to just below your volume. You don't want to mask your tinnitus, just train your brain to ignore your tinnitus. This is then saved so you can play it at any time.

We recommend that you listen for up to 2 hours a day and do not exceed 4 hours listening. You can listen in smaller blocks but ideally no less than 15 minutes at a time. You can listen to the treatment whilst performing other activities, you don't have to concentrate on your customised narrow band acoustic treatment. It really should not interfere with your daily routine. Try listening whilst gardening or sitting on the bus!

Before starting treatment you will need to answer 5 simple questions (FiveQ) about how your tinnitus affects your quality of life. This will give you an overall score out of 100, the higher the score the worse your tinnitus affects you. The FiveQ will need to be recorded so you can monitor your progress. Based on your FiveQ improvement and hours that you listen, we will provide feedback to fine tune your usage.

In App Subscription Options:

Monthly $19.95
Annually $195.95

For complete terms and conditions, please visit https://tinnitustreatment.com.au/terms
For privacy statement, please visit https://tinnitustreatment.com.au/privacy

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