Tiny Tottles 宝宝歌曲

发行商: A Creative Crew AB
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Meet the cute cartoons Ellen the pig, Claire the rabbit and Albert the dog created by the Swedish design studio A Creative Crew.

Tiny Tottles' Baby Songs is a calm app with delicate music for our children. An app that tickles the imagination for you and your kids. Baby songs, gently played on piano accompanied by calming illustrations.

• Listen, watch and sing
• 9 scandinavian melodies
• Cute and calming illustrations
• Customizable playlist with auto-repeat
• Continues to play when the screen is locked
• Full screen mode for our youngest
• Supports AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers
• No internet needed
• 100% free from advertisement and in-app purchases

The Tiny Tottles' Baby Songs app is created by the Stockholm based design and music studio A Creative Crew. The cute illustrations are hand-drawn line by line and the music is played note by note. The entire app wears traces of our hands. Look beyond the everyday, set your imagination free!

The Tottles are a tiny folk rarely seen, even though they live all amongst us. In this app we meet three of them; Claire, Albert and Ellen. Through subtle animations they come alive, catching the attention without requiring it. No matter if you want to sing along or just enjoy listening, the music will make a nice and calm framing of the moment.

In landscape mode the app switches to full screen mode, making it possible to easily swipe between the songs. Tiny hands often turns things around, therefore full screen automatically locks when activated. To unlock, simply hold the device in upright position for more than five seconds and it'll turn back.

If you have questions, comments or need help with anything you are more than welcome to contact us at hello@tinytottles.com! We are happy to answer your questions and assist you if you would ever experience any issues.

We care a lot about the personal integrity when it comes to apps, especially regarding our children. You can feel safe downloading our apps, they don't contain any links or advertisements nor will they collect any sensitive personal data from you. If you want to read more about this you find it in our Privacy Policy.

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