Tongue Diagnosis

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Detail, structural Tongue Diagnosis app. Complete view with full reference. Great resource for CM practitioner and Students.
CM practitioner will save data to reviewing books.
CM students will just quickly benefit from the app even offline.
The main reason for rejection is the app is the same as mobile web can do.
The benefits:
1-The mobile web can go to many web, with lot of unsorted, non-related info and take hours for nothing. Also it must be online.
2-The app conducted info from academic reliable sources inc web and text books for the particular subject of ChineseMedicine school. That is the reason while all doc in the app must cited the sources as it is required for academic references.
3-The app selected, filtered, summarized the right material to present them in structural, offline, easy to follow mainly to help Chinese Medicine practitioner and students come to the right info in shortest time.
4-The app comes with quiz to help user to review the study from previous section.
5-The app has summary theory for quick reviewing.

tongue tongue tied diagnosis diagnoses differential diagnosis chinese medicine


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